1.   General - All Hotels

a.  Will have single occupancy type rooms.

b.  Normally will be located within thirty (30) minutes driving time in normal traffic from the airport served by EWA.

c.  Have transportation available to EWA Pilots to coincide with flight arrival and departure schedules.

d.  Every consideration will be given to avoid rooms prone to noise.

e.  Have a restaurant which is not "fast food” within walking distance, taking into consideration those Pilots with physical limitations.

f.  Will be located in an area which is not prone to street crime.


2.   Facilities - All Hotels

a.  Food will be made available by restaurant or room service. In the event that hotel facilities are not open when a Pilot is to report for duty, catering will be provided.

b.  Will have laundry or valet services available.

c.  Will have telephones and message services.

d.  Will offer non-smoking accommodations on a primary basis and smoking on a secondary basis.


3.  Safety - All Hotels

a.  Will have interior room entry doors.

b.  Will have locked security type doors on all exterior entryways except the main entrance.

c.  Will have smoke detectors in all guest rooms, halls and common interior areas.

d.  Will have fire retarding sprinklers in all guest rooms, halls, and interior common areas.

e.  Will have clearly marked exit signs in all halls, stairwells, and common areas.

f.  Will have windows that can be locked.

g.  Will have deadbolt locks in all guest room doors.


4.         Additional Standards - All Hotels


a.  Room assignment will be provided by the Company-contracted hotel upon arrival.

b.  All rooms will be in good repair and have blackout curtains.

c.  Will have individually operable heat/air conditioning controls in each room that are operable year round.

d.  Will have beds which are double or larger.

e.  Rooms will be away from noisy areas such as stairwells, elevators, ice machines, etc.

f.      The Company will make the effort to obtain a food service discount at hotel restaurants.

g.  If rooms are located above the second floor, elevator service will be available.

h.         Will have free “800” calls from the hotel room. If possible, the hotel will provide free local calls.