A.    Pilots will be covered by a Company-Sponsored Defined Benefit Pension Plan (EWA Pilots’ Retirement Plan) at no cost to the Pilot. The benefit provisions will be the same as stated in the CNF Retirement Plan (“CNFRP”) except that Pilots’ Normal Retirement Age (“NRA”) will be the FAA mandated retirement age (currently age 60). NRA is the age at which Pilots (including for purposes of this retirement plan, Flight Engineers) may retire and receive an unreduced pension benefit after ten (10) years of service.


B.    Pilots will be eligible to participate in a Company-Sponsored Savings Plan (“non-matched 401[k]”). Pilot account balances held in the CNF Thrift and Stock Plan (“TASP”) will be transferred to the Savings Plan except for CNF Preferred Stock. Pilots eligible for this Savings Plan will be subject to their own discrimination test.