A.    Pilots will be covered by the Company’s Health and Welfare Plan as outlined in the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD), revised December 1999, Book Three (3) and Book Nine (9) as previously distributed and available in the Department of Human Resources. During the life of the Agreement, when changes are made to the plan or SPD as they pertain to Pilots, the Company will meet and consult with the MEC prior to any changes being made to the Plan, including any change to carriers or vendors. Not withstanding the foregoing, a change to improve the Pilots benefits under the Plan or SPD may be made without meeting and consulting with the MEC, and any change that improves benefits under the Plan or SPD for other covered Emery Worldwide Airline employees will be made for Pilots under this Agreement.

B.    The Company agrees that Pilots will have coverage, provided by the Company, for FAA required and recommended mental health and substance abuse treatment and for FAA recommended and required medical diagnostic procedures or treatment for purposes of maintaining or obtaining medical certification regardless of “Medical Necessity”.