A.††† A Pilot shall have the right to be represented at any hearing by an Association representative or the designee of the grievant with the approval of the Association, provided the Company has been notified in writing.

B.††† Either party has the right to call witnesses at any hearing. The number of witnesses summoned at any one time shall not be greater than the number which can be spared from the operation without interference with the service of the Company.


1.†††† The Company shall make every effort to release all the witnesses and shall coordinate the scheduling of requested releases with the Association before making any final determination of granting or delaying releases.

2.†††† No hearing shall be concluded until all witnesses have been heard.


Each party shall assume responsibility for transportation and travel expenses for any witnesses and representatives called by that party. Transportation on Company aircraft, if available, shall be free of charge.


1.†††† A Pilot required by the Company to appear as a witness or a representative at the Companyís request shall receive pay and credit as follows:

a.††††† A Pilot holding a regular line of time shall receive pay and credit for the trips as shown on his line or his minimum duty period pay, whichever is greater.

b.††††† A reserve Pilot shall receive the same credit he would have received had he fulfilled his reserve requirement.

c.††††† If the appearance is on a Pilotís day off, at the Pilotís option, he shall receive his minimum duty period pay, or the Company shall replace the days.

2.†††† In the event a Pilot is called as a witness by the Association, the Association shall be responsible for the compensation and expenses of that witness.