Workers’ Compensation benefits for occupational related illness or injury shall be provided by the Company for all Pilots as follows:


A.    A Pilot who has applied for and been found eligible for Workers’   Compensation benefits shall be paid not less than the amount prescribed by the applicable State Workers’ Compensation laws, beginning with the date of illness or injury and continuing for the period prescribed by the applicable Workers’ Compensation law.


B.    In the event the Pilot is eligible for FMLA leave and/or Loss of Medical Certificate Leave at the time his Workers’ Compensation Leave commences, all leave periods, and associated benefits, shall run concurrent with one another.


C.    A Pilot may use his available sick pay to supplement Workers’ Compensation pay during the initial qualifying period. The Company shall supplement Workers’ Compensation benefit payments made to the Pilot after the initial qualifying period by an amount which, when added to benefit payments, will equal sixty-six and two-thirds (66 2/3) percent of the Pilot’s bid period guarantee or the applicable State Worker’s Compensation benefit payments, whichever is greater.