A.        A Pilot who transfers to or is hired into a management position shall maintain his relative seniority and continue to accrue longevity.

B.       When a Pilot is released by the Company from management duty or desires to return to flying duty, he may return to any Pilot position based on his seniority and current qualifications at the beginning of the next bid period award.


Management flying may be accomplished when:

1.     The flight is necessary for the purpose of setting up landing rights, overflies, handling of other special operations; or

2.     The flight is a proving flight or long-range navigation qualifying flight; or

3.     The flight is for the purpose of maintaining currency, proficiency training or checking, and will be assigned to management Pilots from open time after flying has been awarded to line holders through the open time bidding process; or

4.     The flight is a maintenance test flight, delivery flight or ferry flight; or

5.     Necessary to cover revenue flying after all revenue flying has been awarded to line holders and reserve Pilots through the open time bidding process.