1.     Revenue flying necessary to conduct Initial Operating Experience (IOE) shall be awarded in the following manner:

a.     Check Airmen scheduled to perform IOE training shall bid and be awarded a line of time in accordance with their seniority.

b.     The Company will assign the Captains, First Officers, or Flight Engineers requiring IOE training to these lines.

c.     The Company may displace line holding Pilots for the purpose of training. In the event that a Pilot is displaced for the purpose of training, he may select trips from the open flying per the Scheduling Article. If no open time flying is available, the Company may assign the Pilot standby or reserve flying based on their scheduled work days. In no event will a displaced Pilot be required by the Company to perform duties on a day that he was not scheduled to fly on his original bid line award.

2.     If a management, supervisory, or Check Airman Pilot bumps a line pilot from his scheduled trip or a portion thereof, in accordance with other provisions of this Agreement, the line pilot shall receive the scheduled credit hours or actual hours flown, as assigned by the Company, whichever is greater.

3.     Article 9.A.1, or 9.A.2., shall not apply to the following non-revenue flights, except to the extent that a line Pilot previously assigned is bumped from that flight:

a.     Publicity flights;

b.     Scenic flights;

c.     Ferry flights;

d.     Experimental flights;

e.     Engine, instrument, radio or acceptance test flights;

f.      Maintenance flights.


1.     Once each bid period, the Company shall provide the following information to an MEC designated Scheduling Committee member for any specifically requested revenue trips:

a.     The pairing number, base, equipment and date;

b.     Name and employee number of the Pilot who flew the trip;

c.     Name and employee number of the Pilot who received compensation under Article 9.A.2., if applicable.

C.    All known miscellaneous flying except for that listed in Article 9.A.3. (above) shall be used for bid line construction.

D.    Miscellaneous flying not known at the time of bid line construction shall be posted in open time.