A.        The Company shall provide a paid move under the following circumstances:

1.†††† Original vacancies upon opening of a new base.

2.†††† New vacancies created within the first twelve (12) months after a base opening.

3.†††† Base closure.

4.†††† Displacements from base.

5.†††† Pilots recalled to a base other than the one from which they were furloughed.

B.††† Reimbursement of moving expenses

1.†††† Reimbursement is based on a maximum amount of eight thousand ($8,000) dollars per relocation.

2.†††† At a Pilotís option he will be given 50% of this maximum amount in a lump sum, less taxes, for costs associated with their move. Pilots will be reimbursed over and above the lump sum payment, not to exceed the maximum amount, upon proof of new residence at the new base and submission to the Company of receipts substantiating all moving expenses.

3.†††† The Pilot may use the Companyís household moving vendor. In such case, the Company will pay the cost of packing and moving up to twelve thousand (12,000) pounds per relocation, including insurance of not less than $3.50 per pound and up to thirty (30) days of storage.

4.†††† Alternatively, the Pilot may elect to coordinate his own move within the maximum amount reimbursable.Insurance will be the responsibility of the Pilot. A Pilot will not receive any additional reimbursement over and above the initial 50% lump sum payment until proof of new residence at the new base and the submission of receipts substantiating all moving expenses is provided to the Company.

C.††† The following actual moving expenses shall be reimbursable

1.†††† Cost of moving household goods;

2.†††† Expense of driving up to two (2) vehicles at the current federal mileage rate in effect at the time of the move using the most direct AAA mileage between domiciles.

3.†††† Public transportation costs directly associated with relocating;


4.†††† Actual, reasonable, and customary expenses for lodging for up to fourteen (14) days.

5.†††† Telephone calls necessary for moving the Pilot and his dependents.


6.†††† Meal expenses for the Pilot, spouse, and eligible dependent children up to twenty-five ($25.00) dollars daily per person.

7.†††† Forfeited security deposit.

D.††† General

1.†††† Reimbursement shall be limited to the cost of moving from the Pilotís actual residence.

2.         Expenses associated with the sale or purchase of personal housing are not reimbursable.


3.†††† A Pilot will not be entitled to a Company-paid move unless he actually moves from a residence beyond a one hundred (100) mile radius from their new base to a new residence within a one hundred (100) mile radius of their new base.

4.†††† The Companyís obligation to pay reimbursable moving expenses to Pilots moving to the new base will terminate if the move is not commenced within eighteen (18) months of the new base assignment.

5.†††† A move will commence on the date the mover loads the household effects where the move originates.

6.†††† Pilots will be limited to one (1) Company-paid move in any twelve (12) month period unless the Pilot is displaced or the move is to a newly opened base.