A.     A Pilot, when away from base on Company duty, shall receive Per Diem pay for the purpose of defraying the expense of meals and incidentals. Per Diem pay credit hours shall be deemed to commence one (1) hour before scheduled departure from base for domestic flights and one and one half (1.5) hours before scheduled departure from base for international flights. Per Diem shall terminate one half (.5) hour after arrival at base. Per Diem shall be deemed to be continuous in the event the Pilot transits his base during a duty period.


B.    In the event that the Company establishes a new base, the Company will pay for hotel accommodations for the first day of a trip sequence and any scheduled crew rest at the base for the first six (6) months after the base opens. This shall not apply to Pilots who reside in the city where the base is located.

C.    The Company will provide hotel accommodations for the first day of a trip sequence at bases other than Dayton, Ohio, and any unscheduled crew rest at the Pilot’s base.

D.    The Company shall require Pilots to apply for, maintain, and use a Company credit card. Airfare required for Company business will be direct billed to the Company except in unusual circumstances.

E.    The Company will make every effort to insure that expense reimbursement checks be issued within three (3) weeks from the date the Company receives a Pilot expense report.

F.     Pilots on Company duty away from base on international travel for more than seven (7) consecutive days shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses for laundry and dry cleaning.

G.   The Company will provide suitable single occupancy hotel accommodations for all layovers or rest periods where hotel accommodations are required by this Agreement.

H.    Hotels shall be selected and placed on the Company hotel list using the criteria set forth in Appendix A to this Agreement, “Minimum Hotel Standards”.  In the event the MEC Hotel Committee believes that a hotel on the Company hotel list no longer meets the selection criteria it will notify the Company. The Company will investigate and will seek to have deficiencies, if any, corrected. In the event the hotel is unwilling or unable to correct the deficiency, the hotel will be removed from the list and a replacement hotel will be designated. The MEC Hotel Committee and the Company will meet not less than quarterly to review existing accommodations and discuss the selection of new or replacement accommodations.

I.       Alternate transportation may be arranged by the Pilot in the event Company arranged transportation is not available within a thirty (30) minute period. In such case the Pilot will be reimbursed for the cost of such transportation.

J.     All reasonable unusual expenses shall be reimbursed upon request.