1.         Each Line Holder, Reserve and Standby Pilot shall be guaranteed a minimum of sixty (60) Bid Period Hours (Minimum Bid Period Guarantee = MBPG), at the hourly pay rate applicable to the Pilotís status and/or equipment in the bid period, pro-rated for any changes in status and/or equipment within the bid period.

2.         Each Regular Line-holder shall be guaranteed a Minimum Bid Line Guarantee (Bid Line Guarantee = BLG) equal to the Pilotís awarded bid line value for that bid period or the Minimum Bid Period Guarantee (MBPG), whichever is greater. BLG will be calculated based on the Pilotís awarded block hours of flying in a bid period, plus any scheduled deadhead hours.

3.         For each bid period, a Pilot shall receive the greater of his BLG or MBPG, or his total accrued pay and credit hours, as provided in this Agreement. All hours will be paid at the Pilotís hourly rate as specified in Article 3., Compensation.

4.         If a Pilot is not available for service as a result of an unpaid absence during scheduled duty periods, his applicable Minimum Bid Period Guarantee (MBPG or BLG) shall be pro-rated accordingly.


1.         Scheduled Duty Day Guarantee


Each Pilot (Line-holder, Reserve or Standby) will be guaranteed a minimum number of hours per duty period (Minimum Pay per Duty Period = MPDP) equal to four (4) credit hours. For a Pilot to qualify for MPDP, he must report for duty (as defined in Article 12., Hours of Service). In such case the Pilot will be paid the greater of MPDP or actual hours. In the event a flight is canceled and the Pilot has not been reassigned pursuant to this Agreement, the Pilot will receive MPDP or scheduled block hours, whichever is greater. MPDP credit hours shall apply against a Pilotís applicable Minimum Bid Period Guarantee (MBPG or BLG).

2.†††† Unscheduled Duty Day Guarantee


In the event a Pilot is assigned to Company duty (other than training) on a scheduled day off (not including layovers) in any bid period, the Pilotís applicable Minimum Bid Period Guarantee (MBPG or BLG) will be increased by the greater of scheduled or actual flight pay hours or six (6) hours for each additional duty day. The additional hours will be paid above the Pilotís applicable Minimum Bid Period Guarantee at the Pilotís hourly rate of pay as specified in Article 3., Compensation.


C.††† For each international trip, a Pilot shall receive a minimum of one (1) hour of flight pay and credit for each four and one-half (4.5) hours of trip time away from base. Trip time shall be deemed to commence one and one-half (1.5) hours before scheduled departure from base for International flights.


D.††† For each bid period the Pilot shall receive the higher of his Minimum Bid Period Guarantee as provided in Article 4.A., his Bid Line Guarantee as provided in Article 4.A., or his total hourly compensation as provided in Article 3 of this Agreement. Total hourly compensation shall include International Trip Rig as provided in paragraph C, above. Unscheduled Duty Day Guarantee and per diem shall be paid in addition to all other pay guarantees.