Any Company-directed activity (e.g., trip, standby, reserve duty, training, deadheading, layover day).


Awarded Trip


Any trip assignment(s) awarded to a Pilot through a bid process.




A geographical location where a Pilotís trip(s) begin and end.


Base Seniority


The order of Pilots by seniority and position at a base.




An indication of preference submitted by a Pilot.


Bid Award


The final result of the bidding procedures pursuant to Article 25, Scheduling, and/or, Article 24, Filling of Vacancies.


Bid Line


A Pilotís scheduled activities for a bid period as awarded and/or adjusted, including trips, reserve duty, deadheads, layovers, training and other assignments.


Block Hours††††


The period from block out to block in.


Block In


The moment an aircraft comes to a complete rest in the blocks, including push back or tow.


Block Out


The moment an aircraft first moves from the blocks for the purpose of flight, including push back or tow.



Calendar Day††


A twenty-four (24) hour period beginning at 0001 local base time through 2400 local base time.




A Pilot, designated by the Company, to command an aircraft, and who has authority over all Pilots and passengers for the purpose of operating that aircraft.


Carryover Trip


A trip which begins in one bid period and ends in the following bid period.


Check Airman


A Pilot who has been approved by the Company and the FAA to conduct training and evaluations and meets the provisions of F.A.R. Sections 121.411 and 121.413.


Credit Hour(s)


Hours applied toward applicable guarantee (MBPG or BLG).




Company-directed travel required to position a Pilot before or after an assignment.


Displacement from Trip


The removal of a Pilot from a trip after it has been awarded or assigned to him. Removal caused by the absence or unavailability of the Pilot shall not be considered a displacement.


Duty Day


A day during which a Pilot is on a trip, standby or other assignment.(excluding layovers).


Duty Free Day (Day Off)


A calendar day on which no assignment appears on the Pilotís awarded bid line (excluding layovers).


Duty Period†††††


The elapsed time from the time a Pilot is required to report for duty until 30 minutes after block in or when released by the Company, whichever is later.


Emergency Assignment


An assignment of a Pilot to cover a trip that will be delayed or cancelled due to unavailability of a previously assigned Pilot.


First Officer


A Pilot who is second in command of a Company aircraft and, in the absence or incapacitation of the Captain, has the authority over all Pilots and passengers for the purpose of operating that aircraft.


Flight Segment


A portion of a trip that includes one (1) takeoff and one (1) landing.


Known Flying


All flying to be assigned that will be flown by Emery Worldwide Airlines Pilots in a particular bid period as determined at the time of bid construction for that bid period.Known flying shall include charters which the Company has contracted to fly as of that date, and has scheduled to be flown by Emery Worldwide Airlines Pilots.




A period of time during a trip, starting at release and ending at report time, which contains a legal rest period.


Local Base Time (LBT)


The local time (standard or daylight savings) at a Pilotís base.




A Pilotís initial longevity date shall be his date of hire as a regular full-time or part-time employee.This longevity date will be adjusted forward to reflect periods of absence from the service of the Company, i.e., furlough and certain leaves and other approved absences as may be specifically provided in this Agreement.A Pilot shall forfeit his longevity under the conditions set forth in Article 22. Paragraph A.6. of this Agreement.No one on the Emery Worldwide Airlines Pilotsí System Seniority List as of the date of signing of this Agreement shall lose any existing longevity accruals as the result of the application of this provision.


Pay Hour(s)


Pay applied above applicable guarantee (MBPG or BLG).


Pacific Rim Destination


A flight segment is a Pacific Rim flight segment, if it operates wholly or partially in a country that borders the Pacific Ocean, excluding any country in North, Central and South America and the state of Hawaii.




A sequence of deadhead and/or flight segments which can be performed by a Pilot in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and the provisions of this Agreement.




A Captain, First Officer, Second Officer or Professional Flight Engineer covered by this Agreement, employed by the Company, and whose name appears on the Pilotsí System Seniority List.


Professional Flight Engineer(PFE)


A Pilot who occupies the Flight Engineerís station in a three man cockpit is third in command, and possesses an Airframe and Powerplant Certificate.


Release Time


The time at which a Pilotís duty period ends and the Pilot has no further obligation to be available for duty until his next scheduled report time.


Report Time


The time at which a Pilotís duty period begins.




A change in departure airport, scheduled intermediate stopping points or destination of a trip made after award of the bid line or subsequent award/assignment of a trip.




A change to the published departure time, arrival time or intermediate stop or layover time after award of the bid line or subsequent award/assignment of a trip.Flight delays do not constitute a reschedule.


Scheduled Day Off


A calendar day on an awarded line of time (Regular Line, Reserve Line, Standby Line or Mixed Line) on which no duty assignment or Reserve or Standby availability appears at the time of the award.


Second Officer


A Pilot who occupies the flight Engineerís station and is third in command.




A flight segment or series of flight segments and/or deadhead(s), standby duty, rest periods, or layover days beginning and ending at a Pilotís base.


Unscheduled Duty Day Guarantee


Open time awarded on a Pilotís originally scheduled day off will be actual or scheduled pay hours whichever is greater.


Company-initiated flight assignments will be the greater of six (6) pay hours, actual pay hours, or scheduled pay hours for each day, including layover days.